Radicchio may look like red cabbage to the untrained eye, but their outward appearance is where the similarities end. Radicchio has a strong, bitter flavour that accompanies other powerful food flavours extremely well with similarly strong ingredients and dressings. In appearance, it has bright to dark red coloured leaves, with white veins. Radicchio is one of the few salad greens that can be cooked – usually grilled or braised. Its leaves are rounded in shape and reasonably valium for sale online philippines soft in texture, and it’s available all year round.

Radicchio has various shades of deep red coloured leaves, with white veins. Radicchio is available year round and is equally usable  as cooked, grilled or raw vegetable.

When buying radicchio look for the darkest leaves possible as they are the most nutritious and the freshest fruit is the radicchio that is crisp with no wilting or slime formation.

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