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Micro Shiso

Micro Red Shiso

Solid, sweet, hot flavour.

Off and on again known as Purple Mint or Japanese Basil, Micro Red Shiso is famous all through Asia for its different fiery flavour. A mixture in the middle of basil and mint with a cinnamon like fragrant quality. Flavonoids incorporate shisonin, phenylpropanoids, and rosemarinic acid.uses

Incredible in Asian cooking, Micro Red Shiso joins well with fish, sushi and sashimi. Can likewise be added to beverages for an one of a kind sweet taste.


Twisted, expansive serrated leaves with profound maroon focus, green edging and pink stems. Dull purple serrated leaves with the intermittent green speckles.storage

To keep up freshness, store between 1-7 degrees C. Micro Red Shiso ought to be devoured inside 10 days of pressing. Flush daintily under icy clean water before utilisation.

Medical advantages

Micro Red Shiso contains calcium, iron, potassium, fiber and vitamins An and C. Shiso has been accepted to have mitigating properties and also the capacity to assistant in the treatment of anaphylaxes, roughage fever, asthma, and joint inflammation.



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