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Micro Mache

Micro Mache

These sensitive adolescent leaves have a sweet nutty flavour with a fulfilling freshness.

Otherwise called Corn Salad, these appealing little leaf rosettes add the ideal beautifying touch to any supper. With a comparative synthesis to spinach, they are additionally a nutritious greens base or side.

Item Details

Lives up to expectations delightfully in a mixture of mixed greens. Can be utilised as seasoning for exquisite dishes. Likewise extraordinary as a fresh clean backup to delicate cheeses and products of the soil.


Level, brilliant green, oval-molded smooth leaves in rosette-like gatherings on pale stems.


To keep up freshness, store between 1-7 degrees C. Micro green Mache ought to be devoured inside 10 days of pressing. Wash daintily under chilly clean water before utilisation.

Medical advantages

Microgreen Mache contains fiber, protein, folic corrosive, iron, potassium, calcium and vitamin C.


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