Micro Lemon balm

//Micro Lemon balm

Micro Lemon balm

Micro Lemon Balm

Micro Lemon Balm has a fragile citrus flavour and aroma.

The same mixes found in citrus tree grown foods give the lemony fragrance and kind of this herb. Lemon Balm adds a freshness and pizzazz to sweet and exquisite dishes.

Micro Lemon Balm can be utilised to flavour dessert and sorbet, natural aciphex coupons online teas, frosted beverages and crisp apples and oranges mixed greens. Its citrus flavour is additionally the perfect expansion to soups, mixed greens, chicken and fish dishes, vinegars, oils and as seasoning in herb margarines.

Strawberry-leaf appearance with dim green fierceness surface and serrated edges.


To keep up freshness, store between 1-7 degrees C. Micro green Lemon Balm ought to be aciphex coupons online expended inside 10 days of pressing. Flush delicately under chilly clean water before utilization.

Medical advantages

Microgreen Lemon Balm contains aciphex coupons online cell reinforcements, vitamin C and thiamine.


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