Garlic Bulbs


Availability: Year-round

Garlic: A member of the Onion family that has been called the “Stinking Rose” have been eaten by people the world over since ancient times. There are reported online pharmacy with no prescription health benefits of garlic as the natural anti-biotic, but mostly the garlic bulb is used for its unmistakeable flavour.

Storage of Garlic: Store garlic somewhere there is loads of fresh air circulated and not too bright. Do not wrap or refrigerate.

Serving Suggestions of Garlic: Garlic can be used in almost any savory dish.  Used raw, garlic can add real depth to a salad dressing or a marinades. Simmer in olive oil and add online pharmacy with no prescription salt, herbs, lemon juice and maybe hot peppers to make aioli, which is lovely on pasta. Or online pharmacy with no prescription fry them in olive oil till golden and then use oil and garlic separately.

Associated Flavours:  beans, beef, fish, pasta, potatoes, poultry and rice.

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