Fennel bulb


Fennel or Anise

Availability: Year-round

Other names for Fennel are Aka Florence Fennel, or Sweet Anise. Fennel is not true anise, fennel is a member of the of the dill, carrot, parsley family. With a light green crispy bulb topped with what looks like celery tops with bright-green feathery leaves on the top. Fennel has a sweet, cleansing anise/licorice flavor, but much milder, especially when cooked. Popular in the Mediterranean area from ancient times to the present.

Fennel bulbs have a mild  sweet licorice taste.

Storage: The best way to store fennel is to Cut off the green stalks and feathery fronz leaves and use immediately Wrap bulb in plastic and refrigerate for up to three days.

Serving Suggestions: Served freshly chopped or cooked in a soup, boil or grilled

Goes Well With: apples, olives, cheese, chicken, citrus, seafood, tomato

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