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Cos Lettuce

Cos Lettuce

Cos Lettuce

Cos lettuce is sometimes referred to as Romaine lettuce and is a variety of lettuce that grows tall long shape with a very sturdy spines running down their spine.

What is unique about cos lettuce is that it is buy arimidex canada tolerant to heat.

As the oldest Cultivated lettuce, Cos lettuce has tasty juicy lettuce with a long clusters of leaves of dark and light buy valium legally green leaves.

A Hydrating Vegetable

Cos lettuce is mostly comprised of water, as such it is very low in kilojoules. Cos Lettuce is a great source of folate and antioxidants and contains a small amount of dietary fibre.


Store Cos lettuce away from ethylene gas-producing fruit buy arimidex canada such as apples, pears or bananas to retain freshness.

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