Continental Cucumber

//Continental Cucumber

Continental Cucumber

Continental Cucumber

Continental Cucumbers

Continental Cucumbers are an extremely revitalising and refreshing vegetable, with a crunchy exterior and a cold sensation when eating. Cucumbers are popular in 3 main varieties, all of which can be used raw in salads, sandwiches, dips and accompaniments, as well as cooked in soups. All varieties are available all year round.

Cucumber salad

These varieties are available all year round. Lebanese cucumbers are a smaller cucumber, with a similarity in appearance to zucchini  They have dark green, tender skin with juicy flesh and small seeds. Green cucumbers are the common type of cucumber. They are usually more stout in appearance than the continental cucumber, with quite firm dark green outer layer and relatively large seeds. Continental cucumbers are the longest and thinnest members of the cucumber family measuring 30-35cm. Dark green in colour, their skin has shallow grooves running parallel from top to bottom. Inside the cucumber, white edible pulp containing small sweet seeds in a gelatinous jelly.

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