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The ever popular Avocado is used by the best food outlets across Melbourne. With a supply all year round it has become a must have item for all good food outlets. As Wholesale suppliers of fruit and vegetables we know that avocados are an essential product for every commercial kitchen.

Australian Avocados are grown in Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia, Victoria, Western Australia and Tasmania. The highest volume of fruit is available between March and November.

How to Select Avocados

Selecting a ripe Hass avocado (Hass has the rough skin)is all about colour. The skin changes from green, to rich purple, to a black shade, which means it is ripe to eat.

– For smooth green skin varieties such as Shepard, Reed, Sharwil and Wurtz avocados, simply use gentle pressure on the stem to see if it yields. If it does, it’s ready to eat! Avoid squeezing the centre of the fruit as the flesh will bruise inside.

types of avocados


Avocados are good for Sex Drive
The reason why avocados are seen as an aphrodisiac is because they are rich in unsaturated fats and low in saturated fats making them good for your arteries and heart and remember when the heart beats well then blood can flow in the right places. They also contain vitamin B6 and vitamin e which stimulates the production of passion-stimulating hormones.

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